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ok, i don't know about your applebee's/insert restaurant here but....

my applebees, the girls tend to be really bitchy and extremely unwelcoming to newbies. they like to put off the idea's that they know more than everybody, and, hence, are better than everybody.
well, a new woman started working here, and she is a veteran transfer from an applebees in virginia. she worked there for a while, she knows her stuff, she's a great worker, always willing to help you with your side work (without asking too, she just jumps in and helps you!) she's nice, she runs food, she does a great job, overall.
on top of all this, the poor woman has, in the last 6 months lost her father, and, in a tragic accident, lost her husband as well...on top of it all she's moved to nj, away from all her friends and she is going through so much and yet these obnoxious girls are relentlessly catty and mean to her. Sadly the managers - or, 2 in particular, bend over backwards and would take it in the ass to appease these girls, so they don't give a crap.

today, she left crying. she's trying to deal with her first christmas and these girls are relentless. they're all saying she smells, which, honestly she doesn't, and the manager cornered her and embarassed her without even taking a moment to realise she doesn't smell. her uniform is always clean, her pants always have pleats, her hair is always neat....she's clean, and doesnt' smell.

it makes me so mad, just, i want to put these girls in their places, i really do.

oy - sorry, just had to rant
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