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Applebees is my fave restaurant.
I'm a very picky eater and I have my tastes. When I first went to Applebee's and looked at the menu, I knew this would become my place of choice.
1. Happy Hour All Day, Every Day rocks.
2. Wild Cherry PEP. The only place, besides Taco Smell, to have it.
3. Best steak and they never mess up.
4. Best ceasar salads, especially Grilled Steak Ceasar.
5. Great atmosphere.

I love it.
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if you like buffalo wings, def try their boneless buffalo wings! greatest things ever!
you should try the boneless buffalo wings cut up on top of a ceasar salad it's real good.
Yes, I like their bonesless wings. Awesome to get with the sampler appetizer with the mozarella sticks and quesadillas.
#1 pain in the ass thing on the menu to make -- old style app sampler.

bonless, mozz sticks, bbq ribs, quesa, and a lil mini nachos nuevos
deff agree...we've actually made it a policy in our store not to make them unless we are completely dead. They take way too much time.