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i just started working at the applebee's in south florida. i like it. i'm on my last day of training for hostess(which is easy and you don't really need to be "trained" for) but mostly for togo's(which i'm pretty confident with). they wanted me as server, but i've never worked in the restaurant business, and have social anxiety reallllly bad sometimes. i'm nervous this might come in the way of me serving when i chose to become a server. do you guys have any tips?
also i work with alot of girls that everything is sexual with them. they're always rubbing and touching on one another and on the guy servers. they talk about sex more than the guys do! anybody else have this problem?
also how does tipshare work and all of that stuff?
oh yea, i was never actually told what my payrate would be. since the new minimum wage in florida changed, what will i be making? i am getting togo pay.
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