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Thank you for calling Applebees in Derby featuring great Carside, this is Ember-How can I help you?

Hiya Applebuddies!
Do you live in AppleHell too?!

I'm Ember, Server at the store in Derby, Kansas... It's near Wichita for those who are not familiar with the area on Kansas in general.
I was told about this group by a Hostie friend and I had to find it. This locale of release makes me happy!!

Is it just our store, or does everyone else have the "Star Kids" that can walk out and still have a job?! The people who do just enough to look like thier working and those of us who Do our Shyt look bad because we're actually trying1 Those people who have 12 write-ups and have complete job security!!

I hate working with high school kids... but I'm only twenty, so i'm not too far from the age bracket.

Forgive the profiles.. This is an account for an LJ roleplaying game I'm on.. See... even losers who love themselves work at Applebees.

Btw - pur stores name is Queerbees since only 20% of the ENTIRE staff is striaght and the back road behind the store is Rainbox Lane.... shyt you not.

Well, crashing now. Closed for one of the star bitches sop he could grt a piece from his boyfriend. Teaches me to be nice to people agian... Bastards.

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