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New to the community, just started working at Applebee's in Sugar Hill, GA. I've been working for two weeks, trained the first week and into my second week by myself. Made $60 in tips on my third night! Hoorah!

I was apparently supposed to work this morning, but I was unaware. When I got my liquor license and brought it to them so I could start serving, the GM started telling me what shifts I would be working this past week but then realized I had already been put on the schedule, so I thought I was supposed to forget all the shifts she had told me to work and just go by the posted schedule. The only problem with that is I was scheduled off today and she really wanted me to work! Oops! I feel really shitty because I have an extremely high work ethic and I show up when I'm scheduled, no matter what. I feel like shit for doing this to them after my second week there, but I also have a second job, which I'm at right now, and I can't leave because there is no one to cover for me.

Anyone know how I can make it up to her/them?
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